A local service you can trust...

  • Collections From 7 AM
  • Minimum 2 Men With Vehicle
  • Vehicle Sizes To Suit
  • Free Collections Available
  • Discounts Available

How the discounted collection works:
Simply complete your details in the Instant Quote. Enter  your collection postcode, select the size of storage unit required, pick the type of access that is most accurate for your situation and finally enter the minimum number of months you are likely to require storage. Click Calculate Price and you will receive a price to collect and a price for that particular size of unit per month.

Remember that the more months you can commit to the lower the collection quote will be – up to the point at which the collection will be free. Please obtain as many quotes with different combinations as you wish, until you are happy with the price.

Do I need to help with the removal?

No, the collection is a fully professional and fully insured removal service. A furniture lorry will arrive on your chosen day with at least two men. Just ensure that all your items are boxed (we do not mind dismantling the odd bed or wardrobe for example). (A packing service is available at an extra charge, if you need it – just call for a quote). Your items will then be loaded at your collection address and unloaded and professionally placed into your own private storage unit.

What happens if I need my furniture out before the minimum hire period is up?
It’s not the end of the world, you can cancel the minimum storage period contract by simply paying for the part of the collection that was subsidised by us.

What happens if I need my unit for longer than the minimum hire period?
The unit is yours as long as you need it. Beyond the minimum hire period you will pay monthly in advance, but should you vacate with a partial month complete, you will be refunded for the days you have not used.

Can I visit my storage unit?
You may visit your own private storage unit free of charge, 7 days per week, maybe to add certain items or to take them away.

What happens if I choose the wrong size of unit?
We will discuss your requirements on the telephone before finalising your decision. We will arrive at a size of unit that 9 times out of ten will be correct. However, should you need more or less space then the removal men will advise you as such on the day, and we will make the necessary adjustments up to a larger unit or down to a smaller one.

Can you collect from two different addresses?
Yes we can, just call for a bespoke quotation.

Am I tied into Store Safe when I want the furniture returning?
No, you can use any company you like or even come to collect your furniture yourself.

How much will it cost for you to return my furniture when I finish storing?
Please call 01782 785 370 for an immediate quotation.

I am moving abroad will you be able to deal with everything this end regarding the shipment of my belongings?
Yes, that is a service which is free of charge. We will deal with everything this end in your absence.

What if I need packing materials?
No problem. We can either send any boxes, tape, bubble wrap or sofa/mattress bags up with the removal lorry or post them out to you beforehand. Please call to arrange the posting and any packing materials you may need. Please allow 5 days for the items to arrive.

If you have any other questions please call us on 01782 785 370